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DECOAID Furniture,founded in 2016, headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan, focuses on modern style furniture, products cover kitchen, dining room, study, bathroom, balcony and other nine space systems, is a collection of research and development, design, manufacturing, service in one of the whole house customized solution providers.  

We strive to perfect the design, guarantee the quality, in the premise of meeting the function of use, pay attention to the harmony of the overall collocation, is committed to customizing for customers to create high-quality home life.  

customized service

Cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, TV cabinet, bookcase, auxiliary design reduction project overall solution  

We landed on the earth, and in the home, "feeling" as the first layer of the skin, "" space, introducing natural indoor, it dissolves the floor based on the definition of geometry, can leave the soles, spread from the top surface of space, facade, let those who fell full time in the wood, in silent space can be free of the conversation.  

"Ugan Concept", founded in Hangzhou in 2015, is a designer floor furniture brand with the design concept of "presenting the beauty of wood in accordance with the trend". "Ugan concept" design team and craftsmen rotate the beauty of life force.  The incomplete beauty of scars, knots, marks and cracks and the restored beauty of old wood after weathering are dissolved in each floor to present a work of symbiosis between function and aesthetics.

"Ugan Concept" has four series of "Original", "end", "shu" and "Wei", among which "original" series is mainly the natural appearance of logs.  The "end" series focuses on the redesign and reuse of old floors;  "Art" series covers the art of the floor, mortise and tenon and calligraphic special crafts;  "Wei" series is the innovation engine of the brand, and the pioneering products of "sense of things" to explore the unknown.